Matzy and Genic Have The Aim Of Bringing Together An international Selection Of The Finest Producers From Across Many Scenes Under One Label To Further Their Sound.

Nu Breed Records Founded in 2012, Expect The Unexpected With A Selective Mixture Of Well Established Artists As Well As The Finest Upcoming Talent Working Together To Further Their Sound Globally.

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Nu Breed Releases

  • 12thDecember

    Ganar & Genic - Fantasy Land
    NUB005 - 26/12/2013
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  • 12thDecember

    Nizzle - Twist It
    NUB006 - 09/01/2014
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  • 21stDecember

    Hoodzie & Robbie Joyrider
    On His D_ck
    NUB008 - 04/01/2014.
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  • 31stJanuary

    Matzy - Suck It
    NUB007 - 31/01/2014
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